The Earth Collective is looking for a suitable location to start. Will you help make the purchase possible and allow the earth to develop debt-free?

Every piece of earth is owned by someone now a days. A piece of legal property that represents a financial value. When we forced this western concept on the ancient civilizations, they didn't understand it. How can people own the earth where we were born from, who owns mother earth? The earth was once a rich and diverse edible landscape where all living things could perfectly live.

Now a days everyone can see that using the earth as a means of production and financial value does not do our nature any good and we face major challenges; exhaustion of energy sources, waste surplus, unaffordable house prices and growing (social) poverty.

To create a healthy earth and society, it is necessary to create a new basis in all areas. Love, trust and equal cooperation between the earth, free people and the local community form the foundation on which we want to build.

The Earth Collective believes that every living being on earth has its own intrinsic value, when we (re)discover these qualities and use them for the greater whole, cohesion and health will be restored.

Now a days, land is often used for agriculture, housing or nature. We see a future in which all three functions come into their own at the same time. The (local) community that lives on and off the land also takes responsibility for managing, protecting and enriching the natural values ​​and biodiversity.

In order to allow the earth to recover and to maintain sustainable health (production), it is important that the earth is freed from financial pressure to perform.

The Earth Collective is looking for a beautiful location in south-west Drenthe (The Netherlands) to realize these objectives. Private financial support is needed to allow the Earth Collective Foundation to purchase this location and to make the earth debt-free. Would you contribute to the development of an earthly and humane society?